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History: Fidelity Pension Managers Limited was incorporated on September 22, 2004 as Alliance Management Limited. The name of the Company was changed on March 30, 2007 to reflect the nature of our business as a pension administrator further to obtaining a licence as an administrator from the National Pension Commission and also to identify with the Fidelity brand at the time. In compliance with the minimum share capital requirement for pension funds administrators, our authorised and paid up share capital is N5Billion.
Mission To provide safe and rewarding pension services for a happy retirement.

Vision To be a leading and most innovative PFA, managing pension assets transparently and profitably.

Core Values T -Trust, R - Respect, A - Ambition, I - Innovation, T - Teamwork, S - Speed/Safety.
Our shareholders include FSL Securities Limited, Financial Advisory and Investment Consultants Limited, ICMG Securities and the Fidelity Pension Managers Staff Trust amongst others.
Our Corporate Governance framework is designed to promote the smooth running of the operations of the Company in accordance with the provisions of the Pension Reform Act 2014 (PRA 2014), Companies and Allied Matters Act, 2020, the Code of Corporate Governance for Licensed Pension Operators, 2008 (“the Code”), the various Guidelines/Circulars issued by the National Pension Commission (“the Commission” or “PenCom”), any other regulatory or statutory provisions in the Federal Republic of Nigeria as well as globally accepted bestpractices on governance and ethics.

At Fidelity Pension, we understand that the strength of any robust governance structure starts from the top, with a reputable chairman leading aboard composed of independent, well-informed directors, who give priority to strategic planning, ensure that standards exist to promote ethicalbehaviour throughout the organization, and seek continuous improvement in governance practices.
We believe that financial markets are unpredictable in the short-term, but offer the potential to generate wealth over the long-term. Investing is a long-term process that has historically paid the greatest rewards to those adhering to a consistent and disciplined approach that seeks to remove emotion from the investment decision-making process.

Each of our process-driven, time-tested strategies are managed by our Investment Committee, comprised of a dedicated team of portfolio managers as well as fundamental and technical analysts and strategists. This experienced team seeks to employ a reputable, research-driven process that: Focuses on selecting high-quality, well-run companies determined through disciplined investment selection and due diligence. Is rigorously evaluated by our analysts and Investment Committee prior to implementing a new investment idea. Applies a sequence of screens that eliminate investments deemed to be outside of a portfolio's risk profile or the established investment themes.
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