Micro Pension

Micro Pension is a financial arrangement of pension services for self-employed persons and persons working in organizations with less than three (3) employees.
The new Micro Pension guarantees regular income at old age for professionals like, lawyers, doctors, engineers and for business owners like traders and artisans. As you make regular, flexible contributions, your money grows overtime into valuable returns for you to enjoy your retirement.

  • Contributions are flexible
  • Multichannel platform for contributions and withdrawals
  • 40% of the contribution is available for withdrawal before retirement while the remaining 60% of the contribution can only be accessed at an old age.
  • Contributions are safe and protected through strict regulations.
  • Guarantees regular income at old age
  • Contributions will grow over time to give the contributor valuable return/income at retirement
  • Contributions will be passed on to the designated beneficiary in case of contributor’s death.
Here are three (3) options to make Micro Pension Payments
  • Payment through UBA branches
  • Payment through the Instant bill payment platform
  • Payment through the UBA USSD Code *919#
For the instant bill payment, follow the steps below and register on UBA instant bills pay platform:
  • Click on the link: https://ng.instantbillspay.com
  • Register
  • Check your email for a link to activate your account. Sometimes, the mail may go to your spam folder.
  • Log on and click on Micro Pension.
  • Any client that has a VISA or MasterCard can remit either in our office or in the field using the account with UBA instant bills pay.

For more details about Micro Pension, please Contact us

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