Whistle Blowing

Fidelity Pension Managers has set up a structure to ensure the achievement of the highest possible standards of service and ethical behavior. All Employees, Directors, Vendors and other Stakeholders are expected to conduct themselves appropriately in their dealings with or on behalf of the Company. Where they fail, refuse and/or neglect to do so, the Company would appreciate a notification of said act or omission, by way of whistleblowing.

The Company’s Whistleblowing Policy serves to support its corporate governance objectives and allow for transparency and equity. A copy of the policy can be accessed here.

Any concerns regarding acts in violation of expected conduct may be reported. The concern must be a genuine concern about a crime, criminal offence, miscarriage of justice, unethical practice, dangers to health and safety of the environment etc. The Company will ensure the protection of Whistleblowers and the confidentiality of the entire resolution process.

To this end, internal and external stakeholders are encouraged to report their concerns about any criminal or unethical behaviour to enable the Company investigate and address same appropriately.

Whistle Blowing Channels:

    1. Call

    2. Send an email to ethicscommittee@fidelitypensionmanagers.com

    3. Fill the form below.

You can also download the PDF file here Blowing Policy

Report an unethical activity

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